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16 Mountain Bike routes - 4 Municipality areas

New mountain bike routes in Serres !

We present our new 16 mountain bike routes!

These routes even though they are mountain are inside municipal boundaries .

They mapped  , cleaned and signed by our EU Interreg project “Bike Cities”   

4 Municipal Areas

The location of the project is in the regional unit of Serres and in the administrative boundaries of the Municipality of Serres. This is the Municipal Forest of Serres which is adjacent to the city of Serres which is located to the south. It is essentially the peri-urban forest of the city of Serres.
The cycling routes are essentially developed in four areas which are:
1. Horse riding club (B1)
2. Saint  Barbara’s Valley (B2 to B5)
3. Saints Anargyroi Valley (B6 to B13)
4. St. George’s Valley (B14 to B16)


On all routes, wooden stakes with metal direction signs will be placed in specific positions whose coordinates are given in a table. The above-ground height of the pile will be 1 meter and it will be placed at a depth of 0.5 meters. So its total length will be 1.5 meters.
Map signs in A3 dimensions will also be placed on each route, which will again have a 1 meter high stake as a base.
A total of 126 direction signs and 26 A3 map signs will be installed. The stakes will have a total length of 1.5 meters and will go into the ground by 0.5 meters.

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Awesome Features

4 new Mountain Bike Municipal route areas

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Lefkónas – Káto Metóchi

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Serres National Stadium Park -Saint Barbara Church & Valley

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Saints Agioi Anargiri  valley – Red Bridge – on the way to Elaiona village

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Saints George Valley  next to Museum of Natural History  all the way up to Monastery of “Timios Prodromos”

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